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Here I'll be covering some of my favourite picks of the bunch. Here to make some money? I sure am! Stick with me as I help guide you through the net's best online casinos! 

Make your decision based on my unbiased reviews of over 5 years experience as an online casino aficionado. I've seen my fair share of online casinos and know exactly where not only the very best sign up offers are, but also which online casino provides the best support and quick payments - after all, we're here to make some money right?!

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Are you ready? Pay attention to my instructions: they are easy but you need concentration, because you are a newbie.
So, sit down comfortable, visit the casinos show in this page, download and install the free-viruses softwares and let begin your game:

1) Enter the Roulette table (I prefer the European one, but American is good also)

2) Put on a DEMO mode (not real money now ... you are a beginner!) and play only with Black and Red chances

3) Turn the wheel FREE (without betting money) just for a ride. Then, put 1 $ on the loser color: if win Black you will bet on Red, if win Red you'll bet on Black ... It's clear? It's easy!

4) Now, you have bet 1 $ ... on Red or Black ... turn again the wheel: if you win you are OK, winning soon your first $ (the first, as the dime of Uncle Scrooge) and put your winnings on the other color (to play again on the loser), but if you lose ... You have to bet this time 2 $ on the same loser color! And so on, double your bet every time, at every turn ... until the next (BIG) winnings! And so on ...

Reason is quite simple: is a mathematics and stathistics reality that winnings are coming not more than 10-12 turns of a wheel! Try it on a DEMO mode, before investing your money and you will see with your eyes! It's a so easy and a rich way of gambling that is forbidden in the real ones but is legal in the online Casinos. Don't play it in Las Vegas!


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Another game can help you to make some money: You Lucky Barstard

Spiced up with a major bonus feature that can offer 250 x rewards, significant winnings up to 10 000.00 can be achieved through a combination of luck and player skill in an easy-to-use and fast moving game. Enhancing the thrills and interaction are typical skill features like nudge, nudge hold, nudge bank hold and nudge repeat. 

Players will be hoping for the three black bars in a row that trigger the generous bonus feature in this compelling game, where the bonus is built around a skill-shot ladder?

online slots

Branded with typically robust British humour, the theme of You Lucky Barstard is based on a slick television show, with the flashing lights and fast-talking, tuxedo attired host common to the genre and high quality sound effects and graphics. 

You Lucky Barstard! is an up-to-the-minute rendition of an extremely popular style of gaming in British pubs, and combined with the speed and convenience of the online scene this brand new game is sure to be a big hit. Players who like the idea of something a little different, with both luck and skill combining for fast moving entertainment and reward will find this one delivers it all.

Have a nice day!

Giorgio Ricci